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Broken Colors

Michael Griesbeck introduces his first own series in this category – the Broken Colors – a mixed technique of dispersion and oil paints.

„In 2005, inspired by a plant – the Anturium – I developed, thanks to different processes, my initial distinctive prints. These pictures allow me to reflect light through individual broken segments to create a unique spatial presence. Put into perspective, the works begin to ‚blossom‘, even start to „communicate“ with the viewer when the parabolic segments partly swallow and partly reflect the light with their „cracked colors“ depending on the viewer’s point of view and angle.

These images seem to be so fragile, so delicate although in reality, they are much more robust than expected.“

The pictures are created on high quality 4 cm thick canvases. This robustness not only conveys a special value, but it also hinders the distortion or warping of the canvas, especially if not framed.

Works from Broken Colors