A small culinary tribute,

Or, when spaghetti is transformed into a design medium….

„Do you know anyone who does not like spaghetti? Exactly, me neither!

Especially my kid is crazy about it. So why not give this wonderful pasta a different setting, put it in a different light and pay homage to its lifelong consumption?

My „Noodles“ focus on spaghetti. Whether wholegrain, normal or sepia – colored curved or straight, especially short or extra-long, it doesn‘t matter; I welcome them not only from a culinary, but also from a design perspective and thus, they are worth putting on a canvas any time.“

„You can imagine how nice it is to roam Italian markets to get inspiration for your next piece of art. My „Noodles“ represent exactly this kind of attitude to life.

Transformed on canvas, baked, puttied and „preserved“, sanded and exposed again to be covered once more in translucent layers of paint. Repeated until it creates a unique work of art on canvas, similar to a wonderful meal, often so obvious and yet incomparably good.“

Works from Noodles

Noodles to go Nr. 1 - Sepia à l'Orange

mixed-media on canvas / Noodles Sepia Spaghetti Casa Rinaldi
format 70 x 50 cm, 2023
signed on the back (see photo)