„Rope“ is the purist opposite to the colourful works of the series „under construction“.

The basis for this are also fixed ropes, but in this series the intention is to transport harmony and emotional silence. The homogeneous, three-dimensional lines, as well as the purist arrangement, radiate a kind of „unconscious“ rest and grant the viewer a form of relaxation.

Rope stands for clarity, purism and simplicity, a kind of design understatement in which surface, title and visible meters of rope are in harmony.

For example, the „Rope 100“, a square meter of canvas with with a 1×1 meter side length with a centimeter groove spacing, displays exactly 100 linear meters of rope – purism itself.

Rope is basically available in all colors – glossy, as well as matte. A timeless classic, however, is and remains in this series the simple plain white one.

Works from Rope