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Under Construction

Munich and building, a real estate market close to madness, the complex interplay of market participants, the attraction of constructive design, solid construction technology in dialogue with hectic innovation – all this provided the impetus to transform my thoughts of construction work on canvas.

Replica welded mesh, grids of „welded bars“, intended for reinforcement, a reinforcement of floor slabs and walls, serve here – simulated by strained ropes – as reinforcement of canvases.

This lattice structure transforms into a stylistic device and becomes the basis of a multitude of confused, colorful thoughts and emotions; in the style of Jackson Pollock.

The use of acrylic, oil and dispersion paints, lacquers, silver, copper and iron primers leads to a completely unique visual language. Creative, wild, colorful and restless, just like the emotions surrounding the act of building itself. At the heart of the work is the incessant, chemical process of corrosion – the rust – corrosive, ephemeral, as incessant and recurrent as life and the buildings constructed for it.

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Making of Pool Position

Works from Under Construction


mixed-media on canvas
format 150 x 120 cm, 2024
signed on the back