mixed-media on canvas
format 150 x 120 cm, 2024
signed on the back

The Story behind


"SOHO" – the logo, the background, and the interpretation of a complex 30.000 m² project development in Munich/Obersendling in the format 150 x 120 cm, from the series "under construction"

The story behind the image and video: Two family-run project developers, Hammer AG and the Optima Group (represented as circle segments), unite and demonstrate how their efforts give rise to SOHO, see @ at Koppstraße.

A joint venture, as a new approach, for the realization of a highly innovative building – interpreted and implemented through the use of new painting techniques such as graffiti/spray and stencil technique, and for the first time, through the use of resin.

The film about its creation takes place on the 3rd floor on site and depicts a kind of surreal world.

The focus is on industrial loft culture, with simultaneous projections of Manhattan, Subway, Brooklyn Bridge, and Skyline, creating a link to the naming.

Dimly light, surreal, with ground fog and accompanied by funky jazz music, it creates a fantastic world full of expressionist creativity, once again implemented by mbm-media production.

The Making of the SOHO – April 2024

about the series "Under Construction"



The Battle of Materials


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